"Policy Framework for Financial Consumer Protection: In Search of the Global Best Practices" 

August 7th, 2020

2020 GFFC Welcoming  Remark

2020 GFFC Plenary Session 

Concurrent 1: Financial Education vs Financial Advice

Concurrent 2: Legal & Institutional envorionment

Concurrent 3: Issues in the insurance sector

Concurrent 4: Assorted Sectoral Issues 

Summary :

IAFICO Seminar on FCP Act in Korea (in English)

Session 1 :

The Legislation Process of the FCP Act and Tasks Future Tasks (in Korean)

​금융 소비자 보호법 입법 경과 및 향후과제

Session 2 :

The FCP Act and Financial Education Policy Directions in Korea (in Korean) 

​금융 소비자보호법의 제정과 향후 금융교육의 정책 방향

Session 3 :

The Same Function Same Regulation principle of the FCP Act: Future Tasks (in Korean)

​금융 소비자 보호법 제정의 의의

(동일기능-동일 규제 원칙을 중심으로 )

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