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Rationales of the Academy

• Importance of Financial Consumers in global and regional economy

• Under-emphasis of financial consumers in current financial systems

• Existing forums or academy focusing on business or regulatory perspectives

• Necessity of cross-country comparison of experiences, ideas, or best practices from financial   consumers’ standpoint

Vision of the IAFICO

• A global platform for sharing information, knowledge on “Financial” products and services,  regulations and supervision, institutions and culture, education and training in order to    reasonably serve financial consumers’ interests and well-being as well as long-term                financial development from an impartial perspective 

Missions of the IAFICO

• To share relevant information, either success or failure, for financial development

• To discuss financial issues in an impartial way from financial consumers’ perspectives.

• To find out long-/short-term solutions for economic and social development

• To suggest solutions to common issues across countries in a collective way


• Regular members consisting of university professors, consumers' union, or regulators to         maintain neutrality of the forum

   - annual or multi year membership

• Guests consisting of business representatives, other interest groups, or non-members

  - to introduce their products, services, ideas, etc.

  - Invited or Uninvited

  - Non-members fee for the forum participation   

Governance of the IAFICO

• Board of Directors (3 year term)

   - Major decision making function

   - Including founding members

   * Chairperson of BOD (3 year term)

• President (1 year Term)

   - Hosting/Organizing the annual forum

• Secretary Office (Waseda University, Japan)

   - Administration (Membership MGT)

   - Publication

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