Chairperson's Letter

Dear IAFICO friends,


IAFICO (International Academy of Financial Consumers) was founded in 2015 by a group of scholars who had a special research interest on consumer issues in the financial service sector. Since then, the organization has grown to become an unique and mature academic association with over 100 members from more than 20 countries, thanks to the sustained efforts by the inaugural Chairman, Professor Hongjoo Jung, along with other founding members. More importantly, it has raised the worldwide awareness on a series of contemporary research topics relevant to financial consumers. I as the incoming Chairman since January 2020 applaud the successful endeavor on the part of those pathbreakers. 


Man Cho

Professor, KDI School of Public Policy

and Management

In terms of the main activities, IAFICO organizes its annual conference – the Global Forum for Financial Consumers (GFFC), publishes its journal - International Review of Financial Consumers (IRFC) as well as occasional monographs on selected research topics, and convenes on-line and offline study group meetings. We are also grateful to Professor Sharon Tennyson at Cornell University, the former editor of Journal of Consumer Affairs, to be the chief editor of IRFC since July 2019. Through these and other activities, the management team will continuously attempt to serve our members in the best possible way, such that they can organize their scholarly energy to advance our understanding through their inter-disciplinary research  on such research topics as whether providers of financial services target right consumer segments (financial inclusion), whether financial consumers understand enough about their choices (financial literacy), and whether financial institutions follow adequate procedures in dealing with consumers (sales and dispute resolution practices).


There are ample new research issues of relevancy in this era of digital transformation, and we very much look forward to working with existing and prospective members of IAFICO to tackle those research agenda together.


Man Cho

Chairperson, IAFICO