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Hongjoo Jung

SKK University, Korea




JUNG, Hongjoo has been teaching at SungKyunKwan University since 1991, immediately after obtaining his Ph.D degree in the area of Risk Management and Insurance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Prior to that, he got a B.A. in Economics at Seoul National University, and a M.S. in Statistics at New York University.  He has written over 15 books and 40 papers in distinguished academic journals with research interests focusing on financial consumer, risk management, and social security system. Professor JUNG has served as a member of advisory group at several governmental ministries of Korea in economy, finance, labour, education, information & telecommunication, and agriculture.


In the year 2010, Dr. JUNG organized the Korean Academy of Financial Consumers, a legal entity registered at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, with over 130 scholars and experts in finance, law, consumer science, or education, in order to analyze, educate, protect the financial consumers from an independent and professional perspective. At the moment, he is organizing the International Academy of Financial Consumers (IAFICO) and the Global Forum for Financial Consumers in order to globalize research on Financial Consumers.



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