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Vol.1 No.1 (Oct)

2016.1-1.1             Can Regulation Improve Financial Information and Advice?
                                ~ Tennyson, Sharon
2016.1-1.2             Marketing Channels and Underwriting Service Quality of Life Insurance
                                ~ Chen, Tsai-Jyh
2016.1-1.3             Financial Sophistication and Credit Card Behaviors Revision 
                                ~ Robb, Cliff and Patryk Babiarz
2016.1-1.4             Wealth Composition and Drawdown Patterns of Retirees: A Comparative
                                ~ Lee, Young Man, Jun Hyung Kim, Hyun-Ah Kim, and Man Cho
2016.1-1.5             Investigation of Variation between Risk Attitude and Investment Biases
                                ~ Chen, Cherie H. and Morrison H. Schachler
2016.1-1.6             Customers’ Perception of Ethical Issues In Corporate Governance of   
                                Islamic Banks In Bangladesh
                                ~ Mamun, Muhammad

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