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Mariko Nakabayashi

Meiji University, Japan 


Mariko Nakabayashi was born in 1968, in Tokyo, Japan. She earned B.A. in Commerce in 1993. Then, she earned Master of Commerce in 1995 at Meiji University, and she earned Ph.D in Commerce in 2002 at Meiji University.

She was invited to join the faculty in 1998. After she served as Research Associate, assistant professor, and Associate Professor, he was promoted to Professor in 2007. She spent 2008/2009 academic year on a leave of absence at School of Risk Management, Insurance, and Actuarial Science, Peter J Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University, where she engaged in specialized Risk Management, Insurance and Business Ethics studies. She was appointed to several executive positions at Meiji University, including Advisory Committee for President.

Dr. Nakabayashi participates actively in the insurance industry in Japan and internationally, serving on councils and committees while holding advisory and leadership positions. She is the first female Board of Governors, Japanese Society of Insurance Science.

She wrote a lot about business ethics as a risk of corporation, specifically insurance companies as a scholar. She is an active participant in, and heavily committed to the activities Asia Pacific Risk and Insurance Association(APRIA) as a Secretary.

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